Sugaring Training Course ($600)

Our staff and teachers are carefully selected by us and we only have the best.
Our friendly educators are excellent tutors who care equally for each student.

Small groups mean more fun and individual attention during classes!

If paired with Waxing Course ($600), it will be $1000 for both the Sugaring Course, and the Waxing Course.


This course provides the student with hands on practice and theoretical understanding of sugaring hair removal. By the end of the module the student will have been exposed to, and had hands on training, in the ability to use sugar as a form of hair removal for the face and body.

What you’ll learn:

• Discuss the history of the hair
• Discuss the sanitation process around hair removal
• Discuss the differences in hair growth, structures and disorders
• Discuss the morphology of the hair and
• Discuss all the methods of hair removal
• Discuss the 10 advantages of body sugaring
• Describe treatment room set up, client preparation and post care
• Identify the indications and contraindications for sugaring
• Identify all the materials, equipment and products required
• Identify the uses of Regular Sugar and L.K plus sugar
• Understanding the texture and adjusting to the sugar paste
• Know the 6 steps used to achieve the perfect body sugaring

• Demonstrate a lower leg sugaring
• Demonstrate a upper leg sugaring
• Perform the various styles of a bikini sugar
• Demonstrate underarm sugar procedure
• Demonstrate arm sugaring
• Perform sugaring of the lip and chin
• Perform proper eye shape analysis for proper eyebrow shaping
• Demonstrate eyebrow shaping
• Recognize and discuss abnormalities within the hair growth process
• Identify an understanding the various methods of hair removal
• Practice proper sanitation techniques

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