Professional Nail Technician Training Course ($1200)

Our staff and teachers are carefully selected by us and we only have the best.
Our friendly educators are excellent tutors who care equally for each student.

Small groups mean more fun and individual attention during classes!


We recommend these courses to people who are not sure in their own knowledge or never had any training in this field.


In case you feel ready with the accomplishment of your classroom training you’ll receive an attendance certificate, you can arrange an exam date within 2 months of the completion of your training by means of your educator. When you completed the exam you’ll be listed on our website as a nail technician that is quality assured and you’ll receive special discounts later on.


Further you’ll receive special discounts when you completed the exam and you’ll be listed on our website as a nail technician that is quality assured.

What you’ll learn:

● Health, hygiene and safety skills
● Nail Anatomy
● Product Knowledge
● Technical background knowledge
● Business marketing technique and skills

● Tip overlay (pink and colour)
● Sculptured nail (pink and colour)
● filing techniques
● efficient use of materials
● safe work environment

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If you are interested in this course at Bliss Aesthetics Centre and want to get more information or register, please contact us today! We specialize in servicing Toronto and the surrounding areas including Vaughan, North York and the rest of the Greater Toronto Area.

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