Fat Freezing Weight Loss Treatment

What is a fat freezing treatment?

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how intense your workout or strict your diet, you can not seem to ditch stubborn fat. Most of us have certain trouble areas where flab builds up and does not shed, despite our best efforts. Wouldn’t it be great if you could reduce those problem areas without the traditional methods like diet and exercise?

You can now. Our medical staff at Bliss Aesthetics Centre has mastered the technology to administer a procedure that is safe and comfortable – and provides you with results which you’ll absolutely love. Within one treatment, you will be on your way to achieving the sleek, toned body which you’ve always dreamed about.

How Does fat freezing treatment Work?

Freeze away fat? It comes down to science. Fat cells freeze at higher temperatures than surrounding tissues. This process, known as Cryolipolysis, results in the treated fat cells becoming crystallized (frozen), and actually die. Because however the fats crystallize faster than normal cells, there isn’t any damage to skin, nerves or other surrounding tissue.

Unlike with diet or exercise where the fat cells are reduced in size, with fat freezing treatment, once the treated fat cells are gone, they are gone for good.

With each session you’re able to decrease the number of treated fat cell by about 20%. With fat freezing treatment at Bliss Aesthetics Centre, it’s easy to sit back, relax and reduce that stubborn fat.

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